Hi! I am Julia Luo, a China-born and Canada-raised software engineer. I'm a rising junior at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and I love both the engineering and research sides of computer science. I worked on the YouTube backend team last summer at Google, and recently joined the user security team at Stripe for this summer. I am also an undergraduate researcher in the Robotic AI & Learning Lab under Sergey Levine exploring computer vision and robotics.

My less nerdy hobbies include soccer (both watching and playing) and snowboarding (rep'ing Canada). Also, I love both traditional and digital art, and can play the piano and bass clarinet.


These are some of the projects I've worked on in the past from various hackathons, clubs, or just by myself for practice. I also dedicate alot of my time to CodeBase, a student organization at Berkeley which is contracted to do software engineering work for local start-ups every semester. Check out some of our past work at https://codebase.berkeley.edu/.

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